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Welcome to Sky Panoramix – a collection of night sky and daytime landscape images taken by Chris Scherpenseel. These images represent some of the very best locations for seeing starry skies and awe inspiring landscapes. I hope you will take the time to visit each of the location galleries. Hopefully you will find something that will spark your imagination.

Should you find a photograph you can’t live without, please complete the form at the bottom of the homepage with the image name that captured your interest. The images are shot with ability to produce them on a variety of mediums (acrylic/canvas/plaque/metal) and in very large formats. I can easily provide a custom quote based on medium type and image size.

Thanks for visiting the site – I hope you enjoy the images!


This image was taken at Windows in Arches National Park. We light painted the arch at about midnight and waited for the Milky Way Galaxy to frame the Arch. Those of you familiar with Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, you might recognize Double Arch from the first few minutes of the film.


Northern Night

This image was taken near Hvolsvollur in the south part of Iceland. We were lucky to see the lights on our last night there. Most evenings were cloudy and rainy which often is the norm in Iceland. This particular night the aurora was awe inspiring and impressive. The winds were blowing and my hands were bitter cold. Nevertheless, seeing the northern nights live is a marvel.


Star Tops

Star Tops is another Milky Way shot taken at Rocky Mountain National Park near Bear Lake. The multiple colors of light being cast in the lower part of the image are coming off of Estes Park. The “smudge’ of light in the middle upper third of the image is our sister galaxy – The Andromeda Galaxy.


Time Passages

This photograph is the most popular image from my entire collection. Time Passages was taken near Mesa Arch in Canyonlands. This is another Milky Way Galaxy shot but a little different than many of my other night sky images. We light painted the trees in the foreground and focused on them – allowing the galaxy to blur just a little. Occasionally, people suggest that it looks more like a painting than photograph. I assure you – it is a photograph.



Another night sky image of the Milky Way Galaxy arching along with the Windows area of Arches National Park. Notice the purple hue of color toward the left edge of the image just above the arch. It is the Northern Lights that were captured as part of the image – by accident and good luck I might add. Nevertheless, this is a striking image of the Orion Arm of our own Milky Way Spiral Galaxy.


Night Currents

The aurora borealis constantly moves and waves in the night sky somewhat like an electric current. The aurora is usually dominated by the color green with some purple and yellow hues. This image was taken out in the country just north of Hella. The orange lights on the lower right horizon are small communities off in the distance. I tried to pick up some of the stars in the sky but clearly the aurora is the “star” of this picture.


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