Upcoming Locations

Welcome to 2019 and another fun year of photography!  This year I have three important trips scheduled: Apache Point New Mexico in March, Yellowstone National Park in July and the Oregon coast later in the Fall.  Each of these venues should provide an excellent opportunity to share both night sky and daytime landscape images with you.

Apache Point, New Mexico
March 2019

Apache Point Observatory (APO) sits on top of the Sacramento Mountains about 30 minutes south of Cloudcroft.  A consortium of several universities share time on multiple telescopes.  APO is also home to the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) which is used to capture the most comprehensive map of our universe.  The University of Colorado at Boulder shares time at APO.  I’m fortunate that professor John Keller (director of Fiske Planetarium) and professor John Bally (CU Boulder astrophysicist and instructor) have granted me approval to spend time capturing some of the Milky Way at APO.

Yellowstone, Wyoming
July 2019

No introduction needed here.  Yellowstone is simply a remarkable location for natural beauty.  I will be part of a small workshop to capture both the awesome landscape that Yellowstone provides as well as some night sky images.  We will be looking to shoot some interesting perspectives of both the night sky and unique landscape.  Pray for clear skies!

Oregon Coast
October 2019

Those of you that know me are aware I’m constantly trying to get better at capturing moving water, both the ocean and waterfalls in particular.  Although formal dates haven’t been established for this trip, I look forward to taking images of the coast and waterfalls along the southwest coast of Oregon!

Stay tuned and check back as more images will be coming!!!

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